4 Easy Tips and guaranteed to lose weight in a week!

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to follow a certain diet to lose weight, here are five easy tips are guaranteed to lose weight in a week:

1. Avoid sweets because they are the main source of sugars that play the biggest role in weight gain because of what gives him the body from many calories. Though I felt the desire to eat sugar, sweets Replace with dates.
2. canceled dinner from your list , or at least , the last and eat a meal in your day at seven in the evening before , and will not Give whatever how much the move will reflect positively on your weight loss and the fact that dinner is the largest meal contribute to weight gain.

3. Do not eat until the feeling of satiety, because this bad habit will cause increasing the size of the stomach with time and thus increasing the need for greater quantities of food. Has commanded the prophet, Mohammed, peace be upon him that we use one-third of our stomach for food and one-third for drink and one-third of the air, so we keep our bodies healthy and sound. This advice and help weight loss because they lead to a stomach-stapling with time and thus reducing the amount of food that you need to feel stomach fullness.
4. Avoid small meals between the main meals are more of the factors causing weight gain, if you need energy between meals, during work you can eat snacks and healthy, low- calorie.

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