6 Tips to Increase muscle quickly

أفضل أطعمة لبناء العضلات


There are several attempts before inflate the muscles, but some succeed and some fail Below is a set of tips that can be carried out to Increase the muscle in a short time.

1)You should always focus on one muscle in the seven days training program(every week):
And muscle referred to are the chest muscle or shoulder or back or legs or Biceps or Triceps or abdomen, and this is due to that these muscles consist of small portions of muscles therefore it can rebuild itself in in a short time for the muscles that consist of large parts of the muscle such as shoulder and back and legs.
2) the task of comfort in the training table with a dilution of pregnancy training :
You must complete comfort in the days that do not rehearse where it works to rebuild the muscle cells faster and more, and it must be a comfort during the same exercise, so I advise you to take a break of up to 3 minutes between each set and group.
3) landing weight movement or the so-called ( negative movement ) :
A movement landing weight, and then must be a slow decline until the bar back to the original position toward your chest, placing the muscle under high pressure.

4 ) Ensure training heavy weights :
Some people use a lightweight in the exercise, and therefore pray for a number of ranges from 10-15 to repeat, but they can reach the trucks more during the exercise, but slowly, Wu is also to give them the muscle slowly, but heavy exercise with weights ranging between 6-8 repeat so that they are unable to perform any number of other, is the right to exercise the muscle, which will win huge amount of muscle is very large and very quickly.
5) Strike while increasing muscle in quick time:
These methods are no preference between some of them, all of them are working well and is ideal to build muscle, but when you continue on one style only this will lead to stability in the size and strength of muscle as a result of returning your body to the same pressure muscle, and must be change every short period of time ranging between 4-6 weeks.
6) free weight training more than devices :
Devices are useful, but for a fraction of the muscle is not a muscle so that all devices can exercise after exercise basic free weight.



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