Bar Brothers Workout: How to Smash Self-doubt to Become a Muscle Building Machine

Bar Brothers the System - You can do it too... but you must believe to achieve! Crush self-doubt and get the ripped body you want!

Bar Brothers the System – You can do it too… but you must believe to achieve! Crush self-doubt and get the ripped body you want!

You’re smart. You don’t fall for sales gimmicks or fake gurus that claim they have the answer to all you problems. So, you did your research and know the Bar Brothers workout program is the only option that makes sense. Then, you watch a Bar Brothers System Video and say, “Holy crap!”

Self-doubt attacks. It’s because you can’t see yourself flying through the air on pull-up bars like Dusan and Lazar, the Bar Brothers.

You are not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 80% of Americans are not getting enough exercise. Their reasons vary but almost all of those reasons can originate from self-doubt.

For example, you might find yourself saying, “I want to workout, but…

1. I doubt I have time for a gym workout

You don’t need the gym with Bar Brothers the System. You get your muscle-building on and work towards rock hard 6-pack abs at home, work, or in the park. You can pretty much pick almost any location.

Also, you don’t need to worry about big bulky machines or exercise equipment. Most of the powerful muscle-building body weight exercises (calisthenics) only require a workout schedule and your commitment to complete muscle building workouts.

2. I doubt I can or want to pay gym fees

You are free of gym fees. Because The System by Bar Brothers is gym free. There’s no signing your name in blood. No promising to pay $10 to $500 a month. Your world is your gym. You can use minimal home exercise equipment or do push-ups in the park. Either way, no gym fees.

3. I doubt I can reach my weight-loss or bodybuilding goals on my own.

You will never be alone again. The Bar Brothers know that total body workout routines are not easy. That’s why their training system includes an entire online community. You can crush muscle-building goals and get ripped together.

4. I doubt I can afford a personal trainer

You don’t need one. Doctors recommend that you consult a competent medical professional before starting any new workout routine. That’s to keep you safe. It makes sense. But you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer.

You also don’t need to start working out without someone in your corner. You should contact someone for advice and exercise workout planning help. That’s why online personal training is included with Bar Brothers calisthenics workout routines.

5. I doubt I’m strong enough

You will find your strength. Skinny or fat. There’s a calisthenics routine for you. So what if you can’t start out with 6 sets of 20 push-ups and 100 stomach crunches? You need to start somewhere. Do 1 push-up. If you can’t do 1 push-up, then start with another type of upper body workout.

The point is… don’t worry about someone else’s fitness level. Just start your program where you are comfortable.

And no gym and no personal trainer in your face means that you can practice muscle-building in private. But I have to warn you. Eventually, you won’t be able to hide your transformation. Because everyone will start to notice your new body and confidence.

How to smash self-doubt to become a muscle-building machine?

An amazing writer named Ben Settle answered this question when he wrote, “Give yourself permission to be ‘lazy’.”

Stop! Imagine yourself with a ripped body and entering “Beast Mode”, explosive energy blast, after only 12 weeks of bodybuilding.

If you can visualize but still have self-doubts, then break your goal up into smaller parts that you can manage. This is the secret to all the great people of our time such as athletes, inventors, scientists, etc…

Where does your self-doubt disappear? What do you believe you can do?

You can start as small as “Today, I’m logging into the Bar Brothers System online community and read the conversations in the forum.” You can picture yourself doing that, right?

Next, you can tell yourself, “Today, I am going to ask the online personal trainer an exercise routine question.”


Because the more battles you win, the more self-doubt will go away. And you will exceed your bodybuilding goals without thinking about them.

Check out this video to see what I mean => Click Here

If you follow what you see in the video, you’ll be amazed how people were able to eliminate their self-doubt. Their new confidence allowed them to build 6-pack abs. Even You’ll may also find it easier to win friends and influence people.

Your entire world will change along with your body.

It’s all revealed inside the video, so check it out here:

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