Beat stress at work

long hours can cause a heavy burden of work stress.

Some of the pressure in the working catalyst may be, but when it becomes excessive pressure or demands may lead to stress caused by work.

Symptoms include stress disorder or heart palpitations, dry mouth, headache, strange aches and pains and loss of desire for food and sex.
Work stress can raise matters such as official warning, intimidation, fraud, increasing employment pressure, deadlines and administrative changes.
It can encourage the way they deal with stress in unhealthy behavior, such as smoking and excessive drinking, which can increase the risk of heart disease.
Good disciple of pressure in the workplace is important for your overall health.
Life coach Suzy Greaves says that one of the basic skills to manage stress in the workplace is to know how to say no.
He says: ” I challenge consistently clients who say that they do not have any choice but to strain themselves to work .” ” I train people to collect their reins and believe that they have a choice.”
And shows that can say yes to win the approbation points in the short term, but if you accept a lot of work and fail to be completed”, it may be disastrous long-term strategy .”
“Trust by saying ‘no’ when you think he was the right decision, even though it may not be the prevailing decision,” she says. “The ability to not say will be one of the most important recipes, in the long term. “

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