Can drinking Water Help You Lose Weight

can drinking water help you lose weightYou want to lose weight more easily? Drink lots of water! After years of speculation, it is confirmed that drinking the water promotes weight loss.

Not always easy to lose those few pounds too. Yet, there are a lot of effective tips to help you lose weight. Attention, the miracle solution does not exist. To lose weight, it must adopt a healthy diet and to make sport. To give you a boost, you just need to drink water!


Water your new slimming ally

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Birmingham confirmed the rumor for years! Drink water (50 cl) half an hour before each meal for two months accelerates the loss of weight. To prove this, two groups have been formed. One drank from the water before each meal and the other did not change its habits. Following the study, the first group of 41 persons overweight has lost 1.3 kilo more than the second group consisting of 43 persons.

Water accelerates your metabolism

Water helps you to burn fat and accelerates your metabolism. In only 10 minutes, your metabolism increases by 30% after drinking in a half-liter of water. In conclusion, drink 1.5 liter of water per day allows you to burn 17,400 calories in a year. This is equivalent to losing 2.25 kilos per year. Not bad?

Water is an excellent cut hunger

Drink of water before each meal decreases the hunger sensation. Your stomach filled with water is sated. At the time of eating, you eat smaller portions and you decrease the absorption of calories. You lose the weight without dying of hunger! Do not hesitate to drink water throughout the day to avoid nibbling away.

Water, but not only

Drink water to help you lose weight, but this is not a miracle cure that will blow your grease. If you want to lose weight, you must adopt a diet and you must practice a regular physical activity. Drink water all day will give you a boost and will increase the number of pounds lost.

A few tips for drinking more water

You have the evil to drink at least 1.5 liter of water per day? Here are a few tips for you facilitate the task.

  • DON’T buy more sodas or sugary drinks. The temptation will be less strong.
  • Always keep a bottle of half a liter of water on you and fill it over the course of a day. Finally, three small bottles of water per day are quickly consumed!
  • Keep your bottle at sight. You will have a tendency to drink more.
  • Empty a bottle before each meal.
  • If for you the water it is too bland, adopt the detox water. Cut the fruits and made the infuse in your bottle of water.

Drink water before eating can help to lose weight

To lose weight, British researchers recommend drinking 500 ml of water before each meal.

Drink water to remove excess weight, it is not a recipe grandmother. British researchers from the University of Birmingham recommend drinking 500 ml of water, a half hour before each meal. These results, published in the journal Obesity, could therefore provide a simple solution to overweight or even obese to lose a few kilos more quickly.

4 kilos lighter in 3 months. In reaching this conclusion, the British researchers conducted the experiment on 84 obese patients. All these people first received nutritional advice and sports before being separated into two groups. Half of them should just imagine having a full stomach before every meal. The 40 others have had them drink the equivalent of a small bottle of plain water before every meal, every day for 12 weeks. Result: “water drinkers” lost on average 4.3 kg in three months, while the other only 800 grams.

A placebo effect. For the nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen, fill his stomach with water before a meal affects appetite suppressant, but also the whole “ritual” see this gesture placebo, which accelerates weight loss. “All the actions that serve as amulets, which allow people to remember that they are in a diet, will improve profits”, analyzes the nutritionist. “Imagine that you take a soup with vegetable pieces, just half an hour before a meal, you will have an effect that will take your appetite even more important,” adds Jean-Michel Cohen.

The importance of psychology. It is not the water itself that makes you lose weight, but the fact of establishing rituals that make us eat mindfully. “It’s just the fact of increasing the size of the stomach before meals, sending signals that trigger satiety later, and simultaneously a psychological effect,” said Jean-Michel Cohen. Some nutritionists also observe the same results, that is to say a more rapid weight loss, in people who start a diet to note everything they eat in a notebook.




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