Depression At Work

Depression At Work

Depression is widely

Depression can affect men and women of all ages, regardless of their education, economic situation or social status. The prevalence rate of depression is alarming. Nearly three million Canadians (As example)  will experience depression in at some point during their life. Most often, it reaches people of working age, that is to say 24-44 years.

Getting help can make a difference. Four out of five people can recover from depression if they receive treatment.

Effects of Untreated Depression

Depression can reach anyone – friends, family members and work colleagues. Generally, one employee in 20 is suffering from depression, but if it is not diagnosed, possibly lower productivity and sick leave days increased. The Canadian Mental Health Association currently helps people in the workplace to better understand the nature , scope and signs of this debilitating disease.(As example)

Recognize the signs of Depression

We all sometimes depressed mood, frustrated and discouraged by life. But if these feelings persist for a few weeks, intensify and / or begin to interfere with daily activities, it could be clinical depression.

Depression may begin gradually or suddenly. To others, the depressed person seem more disengaged than usual. Signs of depression vary from person to person, but there are common signs. In the workplace, a person with depression may present one or more of the following signs:

Personal Changes

  • Irritability / hostility
  • Shrinkage behavior or extreme dependence on others
  • Despair / hopelessness
  • Slow speech
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

Changes at work

  • Difficulty making decisions
  • less productive
  • Unable to concentrate
  • less reliable
  • Made more mistakes than usual
  • Accident proneness
  • Frequent delays, takes longer days “sick leave”
  • Lack of enthusiasm for work
  • A person experiencing several of these signs for more than a few weeks should help.

Consequences Of Undiagnosed Depression

People with depression must live with its effects 24 hours/24. against in the workplace, they try to hide their disease. The fear of being reprimanded, returned or stigmatized because they have the “low mine” prevent them from getting help.
Some people turn to alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, far too many people still believe that we can heal ourselves by the simple control of emotions. The mysterious “sick days” can irritate family and colleagues and in some workplaces, lead to a referral. Once identified depression, treatment can be successful in 80% of patients and these people can then resume normal activities.


In fact, untreated depression can last for months or even years. A person can become so withdrawn into herself that she can not even get out of bed Feeling isolated from family, friends and co-workers and unable to get help, 15% of people with major depression commit suicide.

How to get help for yourself or someone you know?…

After reading this article, if you think someone you know is struggling with depression, the first thing to do, and most important, is to get help.

We must remember that aid is the key: 80% of people with depression recover if they get help. Do not try to diagnose the problem yourself. That role belongs to a qualified health professional.

If you believe a colleague is battling depression, we must continue to treat him with respect. Make sure he knows that his contribution to the Working and colleagues. Encourage him and let him sincere compliments daily.

Finally, enjoy his confidence, to encourage him to get help or to continue treatment. Encourage your colleague to talk to her health care provider, nurse of the company or the Employee Assistance Service. One or the other of these professionals will lead a depressed person to the appropriate therapy, such as counseling, support group, support from family and peers, or referral to a specialist who will be able to prescribe medications or psychotherapy. These treatment methods, we follow in one or a combination of them, have a very high success rate, but the depressed person should take the first step….

Make defeat depression – get help as soon as possible :)

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