Fastest diet to lose weight in 4 days


German nutritionist, Hoff Meyer, spoke about the fastest diet to lose weight about four kilograms in four days at a rate kg per day, depending Hoff Meyer system mainly on low- calorie foods and low in carbohydrates and fat ratios for the least amount possible and at the same time be rich in protein and fiber.

Where select a daily breakfast scheme, which is the fruit of grapefruit or an orange or an apple on an empty stomach a cup of tea or coffee without sugar, a piece of toast, but for the rest of the meals was placed each day diet pattern differs from the previous day to get the body to all their needs, so that have lunch on the first day consists of two pieces Hamburger or a piece of grilled meat, as well as salad (lettuce and tomato) without oil or seasoning, and a piece of bread about 50 grams, and after lunch at 3 hours to take the fruit of a medium-sized fruit, while dinner is composed of: two eggs, and a little green beans boiled, and after dinner at 3 hours is a cup of fresh fruit juice.

The lunch on the second day consists of a piece of red meat lamb about 100 grams, green salad without oil or seasoning, and a glass of tomato juice, while dinner is composed of : Vegetables boiled composed of zucchini and cauliflower, green beans, and after dinner at 3 hours apple juice without sugar .
For lunch the third day it is made ​​up of : chicken pieces skinned boiled or grilled , green salad without oil or seasoning, and after lunch at 3 hours fruit apple or orange .

For Dinner, Hamburger, tomato and grilled, and after dinner at 3 hours is a cup of peach juice .
As for the fourth day lunch is composed of two eggs, beans and boiled next cup tomato juice, while at the dinner are eating hamburgers or two pieces of meat or grilled fish and salad lettuce, and at 3 hours after dinner cup pineapple juice without sugar .

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