Does Peroxide Whiten Teeth

peroxide whiten teeth


Tired of expensive treatments to get rid of yellow teeth, but we want to make them white and shiny? There is a solution! Read the following article and know how to  whiten teeth using hydrogen peroxide and other alternatives.

The teeth are very important as we chew food with their help. Sometimes during meals, food stuck between teeth. Some foods also give them a dull, yellowish appearance, as they help to increase the plaque on the teeth. To give them a whiter and brighter appearance, we are looking for several ways to reduce the yellowish tinge and make them white. The dental health maintenance is as essential as keeping up individual cleanliness. There are a few ways you can brighten your teeth actually, rather than experiencing standard teeth brightening medications. You can attempt a formulas’ portion that are said in this article. Common teeth whiteners likewise function admirably and are sheltered. To begin, we will perceive how to run about brightening teeth with hydrogen peroxide which is promptly accessible available and functions admirably.

Hydrogen peroxide, is a very effective bleaching agent and can also be used to whiten teeth.

Few people know the term hydrogen peroxide, but on the other hand, if you are told hydrogen peroxide, then everyone has heard of patter product which is used to disinfect wounds including foam and when applies.

Hydrogen peroxide is also used to lighten or bleaching of hair because the characteristic of this product is to launder, there are many other solutions in terms of the use of hydrogen peroxide.

Whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

It is a highly reactive acid and bleaching and antiseptic properties, which makes the white teeth after use. Most toothpastes and mouthwashes contain some percent of hydrogen peroxide. Here are ways to whiten teeth at home.

Rinse: Mix water and hydrogen peroxide 9-35% in proportion to 50-50. Rinse your mouth with the solution before or after brushing.

Brush, Brush: Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and ½ tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, and make a paste using the water .You  can add a few drops of peppermint extract so it gives you a mint flavor. Take a small amount of this mixture on your wet toothbrush and brush your teeth.

Change your toothpaste: In a small glass bowl, pressed, say about a tablespoon of your regular toothpaste. Add 4-6 drops of hydrogen peroxide to it and a pinch of salt. Mix well. Use it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth normally. See the difference.

Whiten teeth at home

There are different ways you can whiten teeth at home. Other than hydrogen peroxide, one can utilize other teeth whiteners promptly accessible as heating pop, toothpaste and so forth, and whiten teeth at home. Here are some snappy formulas to whiten teeth with preparing pop. Make one of them and brush your teeth with it.
Recipe n 1

Blend 3 tablespoons of preparing pop, 2 tablespoons of glycerin and half tablespoon of salt in a dish. Presently add 4 to 6 drops of peppermint concentrate and blend well to make a thick glue. Keep it in a jug and utilize this blend to brush your teeth, rather than utilizing your toothpaste day by day for a couple of days. You will have saw the distinction.

Recipe n 2

Put a tablespoon of preparing pop in a dish, include a couple drops of white vinegar and a squeeze of salt. Add a little water to break down. Dunk in your toothbrush and brush your teeth.

Recipe n 3

Crush a strawberry in a tablespoon of batter and include half of heating pop in the mixture (include a tablespoon of water if fundamental). Apply this blend on your teeth with your pointer and abandon it until you can hold. Flush your mouth.

Other ways to Whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

To succeed this natural method, you will need:

– Hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water)

– From salt

– From baking soda

– In mint essential oil (for example)

In fact you simply prepare a toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide. Here is the recipe to follow: in a small bowl, mix one teaspoon of table salt, both of hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water), three of baking soda and add four drops of essential oil of mint.

Mix everything well to get a nice smooth dough, and you will just have to put some of that homemade toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush with.

Be careful not to swallow the toothpaste, you do not succumb but is best avoided, however try to keep it in the mouth a little so that the hydrogen peroxide to take effect. Simple toothpaste do yourself that will keep several days, and you can use frequently to get a perfect teeth whitening.


Don’t Forget risks associated with hydrogen peroxide


The dangers associated with the teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are highly dependent on the frequency of tooth whitening sessions performed.

Indeed, when it is very diluted, hydrogen peroxide is not very dangerous.

The most common risk

The main risks associated with hydrogen peroxide when it reaches certain concentrations are:

  • tooth hypersensitivity (increased sensitivity to temperature fluctuations);
  • alteration of the enamel (yet the hardest part of the body) becomes more porous;
  • weakening teeth;
  • irritation;
  • of the skin,
  • mucosa,
  • eyes,
  • of the stomach,
  • of the intestine,

These effects are only temporary (it is not known exactly the long-term effects of these products).

At particularly high rates, the tests carried out on rats have shown effects on body weight, blood and various internal organs.


Other potential risks

Some authors point out that hydrogen peroxide is a factor favoring development of cancer inasmuch as it stimulates the growth or multiplication of cancer cells.

This risk is even more important that people who use teeth whitening are often tobacco consumers who are more prone to cancers than others.

It also appears that people with genetic disorders are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide because their bodies would not be able to degrade efficiently.

It is found that allergies to hydrogen peroxide are almost nonexistent.



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