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Hundreds of thousands of men around the world suffer from impotency – causing their loveed protocol 101 review life to dwindle, leading to low self-esteem, and even causing depression. Yes, there is quite a handful of “remedies” available in the market, such as Low-T therapies, over the counter drugs, and many other herbal solutions, but do they really work?

Introducing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Protocol – an all-natural, 100% proven method to treat ED for life using unique combinations of enzymes, amino acids, and proteins that are easily available at the supermarket. Yes, you read that right – cure erectile dysfunction for life.

What Is The Protocol?

ED Protocol is a downloadable ebook that contains a step-by-step guide on how to treat erectile dysfunction through the use of certain enzymes, amino acids, proteins, and certain foods.

Based on scientific research and the author’s own personal experiences, the ebook is a simple and easy-to-follow guide on getting back your vigor, vitality, and giving you powerful erections. This guide promises explosive erections to get back your power, desire, and improve your relationship with your partner.

At $39.95, it’s one of the most affordable ED TREATMENTS in the market. While testosterone boosters, Low-T injections, and other medications cost you thousands of dollars each year, this ebook will only cost you a mere $39.95.

You can download the guide on any electronic device – on a personal computer, on any smartphone or tab and get access to the guide anytime and from anywhere.



The Author/Creator

The author and creator of the Protocol is Jason Long, a man in his 50’s, and lives in Long Beach, California. He’s your average working Joe, and married for over 20 years.

His story began on May 13, 2010, on his wife’s 50th birthday. His marriage was already suffering from lack of intimacy and on this special day, he wanted his wife to feel extra special. So he put aside one month’s worth of salary and bought her a beautiful pair of earrings. He wanted to get off work early to surprise her, and upon entering the kitchen, overheard his wife talking to one her friends over the phone.
What he heard crushed his manhood and confidence. He heard his wife telling her friend on the other line how much she loves him but that she was extremely unsatisfied with their sex life. His wife felt unattractive and ugly, simply because Jason was no longer intimate with her. His wife even mentioned liking the attention she gets from other men, and wondered how it would be like to be someone else who actually has an erection.

Hearing her words, Jason ran back outside, got on his car, and wept. He couldn’t believe his wife was saying those things. He couldn’t believe she felt that way. But then he realized that he shouldn’t be surprised – he had been suffering from erectile dysfunction for the past several years.

Because of this, Jason was afraid of getting intimate. He was so afraid that he avoided it altogether – leading to his unsatisfactory marriage.

When he was in his 20’s, Jason was the complete opposite of the man he had become. He was actually known for his vigor and vitality in the bedroom. In fact, it was very normal for him to have sex everyday, and even twice a day. He would have multiple orgasms and would last hours in bed.

However, as he aged, his erections suddenly started getting weak, and eventually it died. He just couldn’t get it up no matter what he did.

ED Protocol 101 Review



How Common Treatments Failed Jason Long

When Jason realized his problem, he tried ED PILLS at $7.50 per dose, but suffered from multiple negative drawbacks. He would have stomach cramps, nausea, and other severe side effects that were just not worth it. And there was also the embarrassment of having to buy them at a drugstore in the first place.

He then thought of Low-T therapies, as the common notion was that low testosterone levels is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. But then he thought, each injection or treatment would cost $250 – and that’s about over $2000 worth over the course of one full treatment cycle. It was just too expensive and takes too much time to go to the doctor each time, and the results weren’t even guaranteed.

He also thought of common medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. But then there were numerous side effects associated with these drugs. According to research, the side effects of such treatments include eye hemorrhage, poor vision, seizures, chest pain, chronic heart failure, contact dermatitis, dizziness, muscle weakness, arthritis, anemia, chills, nausea, low blood sugar, migraines, skin ulcers, ringing in the ears, and many other adverse side effects.

Jason was already suffering enough from erectile dysfunction and thought the side effects were just not worth it.

And this is when he decided that it was time – time to stop looking for the treatments and to go basic. What causes erectile dysfunction in the first place? He thought that if he could just find out the cause, then he could discover how to prevent and stop it from happening.

ed protocol 101 review

How The Protocol was Discovered

Jason was determined to bring back the passion in his marriage. Failure was not an option for him, and losing his wife to another was certainly not going to happen.

He spent hours and hours each night looking at the world wide web, reading books, journals, medical publications, and the latest research on erectile dysfunction. And this even made his marriage suffer some more because he was doing everything in secret. But he was determined – he knew the answer was out there somewhere.

Then came the incredible breakthrough to the very cause of ED. Jason found out that it’s actually not a big mystery – contrary to popular belief. Using the basis of research from Columbia University and many other Ivy League institutions that only 5% of all ED cases are caused by low testosterone, Jason found out the very reason why ED happens.

The answer is actually very simple. Jason could not believe with the facts he discovered. Contrary to popular belief, ED is caused by one thing and one thing only – that the penis blocks blood from coming in, inhibiting the blood vessels from producing pressure for erections.

That’s it, it’s so simple!

Now, you might be thinking, if it’s that simple, why are pharmaceutical companies producing hundreds of products to “treat” something that’s actually very simple and easy?

Because of one thing – money. The ED TREATMENT industry is a multi-billion dollar industry – fooling men all over the world that they need these drugs to treat ED.

With this discovery, Jason also embarked on a journey on how to stop the penis from blocking blood to enter its vessels. And Eureka – he found the holy grail to treat ED.

The Protocol – What Is It?

Jason discovered that certain enzymes and amino acids can help the penis receive blood to give its vessels the pressure it needs to harden. He searched and searched and finally discovered a list of foods, vitamins, and certain supplements that can give him the one true formula for his much needed erection.
He used his body as a guinea pig and created several different combinations. His progress was slow at first, but in August 2010, while sitting at his desk, he suddenly felt the strongest erection he’s ever had in twenty years.

He was ecstatic and ran to his wife in the kitchen, and forced her into the bedroom, where they had the best sex of their marriage. His wife was delirious with excitement and they had sex again that night, and then the next morning. For a full month, Jason and his wife, who are both in their 50’s, had sex and only sex in their minds.

His happiness was so evident that his colleagues started asking him what was different. So he shared his discovery, and pretty soon, all the men in his office were asking him for the answer.

In only 48 hours, all the men who used his formula either called or emailed Jason telling him how shocked they are with the results! All of them had successful erections!

By using a unique set of combinations of enzymes, amino acids, and proteins, Jason was able to create a guide to CURING ED through the use of common items found in any supermarket.

With just $15 worth of food and vitamins, Jason and his colleagues were able to achieve the best erections they’ve had in decades, got back their self-confidence, and brought back the fire in their marriages.


>Fast and Permanent Results

The Protocol promises results in as little as 24-48 hours. In just 2 days, you get to enjoy powerful erections that will make you and your wife incredibly happy in bed. And the results are also permanent. Compared to “treatments” available in the market where you have to take drugs or injections to be able to have an erection each time, the Protocol lasts for life.

Once the vessels are “relaxed” on a regular basis, they stay relaxed naturally, giving you erections without any help at all.

>All-Natural and Safe

There are no chemicals, no injections, and certainly no rituals to get you the results. All you need to do is buy certain foods at the supermarket, and add them to your diet. There is absolutely no change to your lifestyle whatsoever!

And because you’re using natural food and supplements, the Protocol is absolutely free of side effects!
>Backed by 100% Guarantee

The ebook has a 60-days money back guarantee – not 15 days, not 30 days, not 45 days – but 60 days! Since the results are promised within 48 hours, you’ll absolutely know if the product works or not. If you are not satisfied, you have an entire 60 days to try it for yourself before you decide if it works or not. If you don’t like it, get your full money back within 60 days.

Other benefits include the privacy or secrecy when you try the Protocol for yourself – no more embarrassing purchases at the drug store or receiving mail with the drug printed on the box. It’s also one of the cheapest TREATMENTS FOR ED in the market.


>Offered Exclusively Online Only

If you prefer actual books or hard copies, you won’t like this guide. It’s only available online and if you’re not the type to use mobile devices, you’ll find it hard to enjoy reading it.

>Lack of Exact Statistics

There hasn’t been that many scientific data available about this Protocol. It is a relatively new discovery by Long and long term application or actual proven results are not that many. Results are limited to actual users of this guide and has not been scientifically proven in the clinical world.

>Needs Commitment and Diligence

The Protocol will not do the work for you – you’d have to study the guide and literally find the recommended foods and inject them into your diet. It takes work and extreme commitment from you. If you’re not the type to exert effort into your health, this is not for you.

>Not For Everybody

Even though the food and vitamins recommended in the Protocol are all-natural, if you have a current medical condition, you’d have to consult your doctor first. If you’re currently taking prescription medication, you have to check whether or not the enzymes and amino acids recommended do not interfere with the chemical make-up of the drugs you’re taking.

The Bottom Line

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that many men suffer from. But for married men, it affects more than just the man himself, but his wife, and his entire family.

You don’t have to suffer from ED all your life and you don’t have to be a victim of expensive “treatments” that hardly work. The ED Protocol gives you all-natural solutions to give you the erection and the sex you’ve been craving for.

Yes, the answer to ED is really all that simple and affordable. Though it does require your100% commitment and diligence, if you really want to bring back the fire in your marriage and boost your confidence, then this ebook is certainly a must to try.

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