How to lose weight fast?

lose weight fast

If you really want fast results, just do a simple six or seven-day water fast. They work wonders for me. Simply drink only water for six or seven days, but make sure that you eat smaller amounts on the days before and after so that you don’t shock your body and can ease into the fast.

I typically lose about a pound a day per fast. You can also drink green tea during the fast to help jump start your metabolism. Just make sure to take vitamins as well.

Don’t buy into the bogus about a fast equalling starvation. In reality, they are quite healthy and simply remove unneeded sugars etc from your body and then work on your fat reserves. Fasting only becomes ‘starvation’ after about thirty days.

Just remember that the first two days are the hardest as you crave food. But after that you simply stop getting hungry.

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