How To Lose Weight In One Day

How To Lose Weight In One Day


Eat more fiber while reducing your consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Remember to drink two liters of water a day, and combine your diet with physical activity to get results faster.

We very often want to lose weight as quickly as possible to attend an important event where we want to make an impression and, of course, be able to wear this beautiful dress that makes us so beautiful. With these kilos too much, we will never taste this pleasure and we can not improve our health!


Fortunately, there are many ways to lose weight without jeopardizing her health and balance, and what’s more, no yoyo effect, so without risk to gain weight easily. Learn now how to lose weight in no time!

Drink a lot of water per day

It is very important to avoid fruit juice consumption (brick), sodas, energy drinks, beer and other beverages that represent an intake of calories, sugars, sodium and carbohydrates and promote fluid retention in the body, and moreover do not calm hunger. The only drink which provides a feeling of satiety without causing fluid retention and which provides no calorie is water. By drinking eight glasses of water per day, the effects will be felt immediately.

Control diet

It is not enough to reduce the number of calories we consume, but we must also learn to control the amount of food that we eat at each meal.

It is important to know that you should never skip a meal to reduce its consumption of calories; Many people who commit this serious mistake in thinking to lose weight as well, so that it leads them to eat twice as much the next meal as a result of hunger. There is no need to force it to skip one meal of the day. Rather make three meals a day, but decreasing feed intake and drink water between meals.

Exercise every day

If we really want to lose weight in a few days, you have to exercise, preferably twice a day, to get quick results. You can run one session in the morning and another in the afternoon, or go into a good gym … In short, the key is to move to reach his goal!

Eat less carbohydrates and more fiber

It is very important to try to eat more foods rich in fiber and less carbohydrates. In fact, foods that are high in fiber helps digestion and eliminate toxins, facilitating weight loss. Another important point if we are to improve muscle tone is to provide extra protein to his diet, which will be used to burn fat faster during exercise.

Foods to avoid

It is essential to avoid foods that contain large amounts of fats, such as oils, butter and cheese, as well as potatoes, fast food, desserts (especially chocolate), ice cream , sweets and all sweets in general, at least during the days when we will endeavor to shed those extra kilos.

Remember that your health is what’s most important, and want to lose weight is legitimate if you do it for health reasons. You will have more vitality and less risk of suffering from serious diseases with an appropriate weight.

Lose weight to improve your health and not excessive coquetry, because even if the image one has of oneself thin is more flattering, do not fixate or want to emulate a model, because everyone has its constitution. The important thing is to love and respect your body. No need to feel bad just because of excess weight!

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