New Way to Treat Fibroids

 New Way to Treat Fibroids :


In an effort to treat fibroids benign, doctors Germans depends on the treatment focused ultrasound as a way to destroy the new fiber without surgical intervention, what prevents the patient from feeling pain and help him recover.
” I suffer from severe bleeding during menstruation period of not less than seven days, ” thus crossed Antilla for her suffering which is repeated almost every two weeks, what prevents them from leaving the house sometimes as Troy ” six years ago  severe pain in the lower abdomen during the period menstruation, which naturally I can not exercise my life. ”

It prompted the severity of the pain felt by Antilla to go to her Doctor, to advising them perform a hysterectomy to the presence of Levy benign tumor process has , however, Antilla, 46 years old, refused to perform this operation, causing it to go to a German private clinics that rely a new way to remove fibroids.

Necessities eradicate fibroid:

Describe a specialist gynecology Sabine Blumenthal fibroids as benign tumors form inside a woman’s uterus, and confirm that estrogen has an important role in these fibers nagging be, pointing out that the real reason for the emergence of these fibroids is still not well known, although genetic factor increases the risk of cirrhosis uterus .
Radiologist Matthias Matescu indicates that the disease rate among women over age 30 at 20 percent. Matthias confirms the need to remove fibroids, explaining the reason for this by saying, ” if it causes the tumor in the incidence of some of the problems was the cause of the inability to have children, for example, it must treat the tumor.

Treatment by ultrasound:

And adopt the new treatment method to remove the fiber on the use of ultrasound intensive, which means that the eradication of fibroid is without surgical intervention, what makes the new treatment method is painful.
As the radiation directed at the entire tumor parts are destroyed as fully explains the radiologist Matthias Matescu, he adds, saying that ” in fact is used to maintain the trend used in missile technology, ensures accurate guidance of the rays.
Although the process is painful but it is tiring, it takes time treatment for up to four hours, then turns to the dead tumor tissue, tried to destroy the immune system later.
After the completion of the scientific procedure the patient can go home immediately, which she did Antilla that feel great satisfaction after the procedure, Vontea emphasizes that her life has been greatly improved , and no longer suffer from the long bleeding spam during the menstrual period , to live so a normal life away from the pain and trouble.

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