Is Running Good For Weight Loss

is running good for weight lossThe best sport for weight loss is jogging, running. But above all to switch from running to lose weight lose weight to run. Dare to start and 2 questions Running does help to lose weight? How to lose power and weight? will soon be replaced by How to lose weight for BETTER run and … not stop!

Is Running Good For Weight Loss? … Yes

Running helps to lose weight fast while as does the correction of an error food. But what jogging is even more useful is that it helps to become much more critical of overweight, which is quickly felt by any rider as a limitation in his pleasure of running. The best sport Edit its food diet errors to lose weight then takes on new meaning and becomes a source of motivation to improve efficiency at its heels while avoiding numerous injuries due to overweight ( back pain, muscle spasms). The feeling of making sacrifices dieting then disappears naturally as the idea of dieting! Change your eating habits is no longer seen as a momentary deprivation but as a permanent pleasure, a way of life, to make things work better his body during jogging!

It is not about to get motivated to lose weight

Shortest do it to lose weight fast, you lose weight to better run! Running is no longer the best sport to lose weight lose weight … it has become the best way to never stop running!

How to run to lose weight?

2 methods  allow to lose weight by running
Method for Practitioners in good physical condition


Run fast to lose weight fast

You must follow for this a short workout program that is split by short intervals of high intensity. The loss of high intensity fat is 9 times greater than if it follows a continuous long sessions in basic endurance training program. This is due to greater fat burning and a significant decrease in appetite in the hours following the sessions.

Session Type to lose weight by split:

To lose weight by splitting must be done once or twice a week the following meeting:

  1. 20 minutes in basic endurance at 70% of maximum heart rate. Without fundamental Heart endurance race akin to walking pace but with a short time of suspension.
    2. 10 X 1 minute resistance lasts from 90 to 95% of the FCM, 1 minute recovery between sets by walking and trotting very slowly; hard racing resistance corresponds to a very strong running stride, but this is not a sprint.
    3. 20 minutes fundamental endurance.

The 3 Week Diet

Footwear for slimming

Jogging shoes too damping cause a long press time. The type of muscle contraction necessary in these conditions to ensure the heels causes thickening of the muscle. For tonic muscles but the only true purpose footwear diet have a very thin sole. The ideal shoes are minimalist shoes that mimic the feel of running barefoot. You just watch with these shoes to reduce the length of his stride and attack ground aves soles and not with the heel.

Sweating it makes you lose weight? No …

It is the practice of regular physical activity that helps to lose weight, not sweating.

So much sweat is useless. Indeed, when you sweat you lose water … not fat! Once your finished work, the water you drink then you will get your illusionary weight loss. So it is absolutely unnecessary to equip a belt sweating to lose weight. The only thing you will eliminate a sweat belt will be water, you recover after your gym as soon as you drink.

Other tips and other sports help to lose weight


runing lose weightRunning Fasting is effective for weight loss

The purpose of fasting is to exhaust jogging the last of the available stocks organic sugar, liver glycogen, about 60g in the liver.

7 sports for burning calories

Jumping rope, jogging, rowing etc … 7 sports to burn your calories. The greater the muscle mass, the more our metabolism is high you burn more energy therefore calories!

Rower and fitness

Rower allows almost complete muscle building; 90% of body muscles are solicited.

The 3 Week Diet




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