4 effective natural ways to whiten your teeth at home, Try it yourself

natural  ways to whiten your teeth

A lot of girls seeking whiter than white teeth, her smile to become close to the stars of Hollywood, but some may face a problem with it because the teeth whitening devices are expensive.
But there is a group of idealistic ways that will ensure you enjoy white teeth with the lowest cost at home:
– Daily cleaning:
Take care of the cleanliness of your teeth three times a day, and after every meal to get rid of the sediment, helps you to get white teeth, so make sure to accompany you brush, tooth paste wherever you go.
– Dental floss:
Don’t forget the importance of dental lotion which parallels the importance of putty and brush teeth cleaning, but do not use it as an alternative to the brush, and then try to clean up your teeth by floss three times a week at least.

-Appropriate food:
Try to stay away from colored foods, caffeine drinks such as tea, coffee, because they play a big role in yellowing teeth, as much as possible, avoid eating these foods and drinks, and more than eating fruits and vegetables.
– Salt and bicarbonate of soda:
Is a natural mixture is ideal for whitening teeth, which can be used once a day to remove the yellow layer of the teeth and bleached naturally.



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