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Pearly penile papules are small bumps which appear on the head of the penis. It’s scientific name is  Hirsuties Papillaris Genitalisas.  It is one of those conditions which affect more men’s self-esteem and pride than it actually harms the part of the body where is situated. One reason for which men are highly terrified about this disease is the fact that their partners may see the little bumps and refuse to have any sexual activity with them until those little bumps will go away. It is very common among men of 20-40 years. But it can be appear before or after this age range. 35% of male are being suffered by pearly penile papules.

There is nothing more “painful” for a man than being laughed at or avoided because of some condition their penis has. This is why, if you suffer from penile papules you will want to get rid of them as soon as possible, but until then you will also want your partner to know what exactly this condition all about is. The first thing you and your partner have to be aware is that these papules are not contagious. Because it is a skin condition characteristic to men and has no connection with the STD, the pearly penile papules will not be transmitted through sexual intercourse or any other way. In fact, there is no way through which these small bumps will be transmitted from one partner to another.


  1. Antibiotic Ointments
  2. Circumcision.
  3. Electrodesiccation
  4. Excisional surgery
  5. Carbon Dioxide Laser
  6. Hyfrector
  7. pearly penile papules Removal

1. Antibiotic Ointments: Using ointment is a temporary remedy for pearly penile papules. You have to use ointment twice in a day. It might have side effect as it is chemical. Moreover pearly penile papules can be reappear in this treatment. Those patients, who have allergy to antibiotics, definitely should avoid this treatment.

2. Circumcision: As a means of treatment, circumcision is even less effective. In fact, in order to have a circumcision, you will have first to get rid of the pearly penile papules. In this case the actual operation is useless if done only to treat the papules. The only reason for which you would still do it is that of prevention. As you probably know, that those Fordyce spots on penis can disappear for a period and reappear after a certain amount of time. Thus, you can choose to undergo circumcision in the hope that you will not have to deal with pearly penile papules in the future. Yet, as shown above, there is no clear evidence that circumcision can rid of Fordyce spots on penis.

3. Electrodesiccation with curettage: In this method the high-frequency electrical current dehydrates the papules then a curette is used to scrape away the tissue of the penile papules. Depending on doctor skill and use of the curette, this method can result in scarring and loss of elasticity of the skin after the healing phase.

4. Excision surgery: Involves removal of the penile papules surgically. Additional tissue surrounding the penile papules may be cut away resulting in severe scarring and loss of elasticity of the skin after the healing phase too.

5. Carbon Dioxide Laser: Involves burning of the papules using a high frequency laser machine that can be targeted and controlled to remove the penile papules. The benefits of using a CO2 laser instead of surgery is that CO2 laser is capable of sealing capillaries, blood vessels and nerve endings, which results in very little bleeding.

6. Hyfrector: The Hyfrecator is a device which uses low powered alternative current electrical pulse in order to treat several skin conditions among which pearly penile papules. The electrode from the end of the Hyfrecator’s arm is directed to the area to be treated and a lower or bigger power is applied on the bumps.  There are two ways in which you can do the treatment. You can either choose to remove all the bumps at once, method which yet will not guarantee you that all the papules will be indeed removed, or you can choose to remove them in more sessions. This latter alternative should be used if there are a greater number of bumps to be removed. The skin from the penis is quite sensitive and several side effects have been reported after undergoing this type of surgery procedures, so you should carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before choosing to move further on.

7. Pearly penile papules Removal:

This “Pearly Penile Papules Removal System” new treatment which won world as it is the permanent Pearly Penile Papules natural treatment at home.

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of “Pearly Penile Papules Removal”

Pros of “Pearly Penile Papules Removal”

First off, when I signed up to receive the e-book “Pearly Penile Papules Removal,” I was impressed that I was able to access the information instantly.

It was easy to sign up and even easier to download the e-book.  Everything was laid out nicely with explanations wherever needed for easy use in a member’s area that seemed to be organized quite well.

How Do I Know It’s Really PPP?

The comparisons of common and sometimes similar conditions and symptoms go a long way to relieve the mind of someone who is just now becoming acquainted with the adornments they call pearly penile papules.

Armed with this information, one can feel confident of a positive ID.  It should be a relief to know that what you see is PPP and not penile warts or something else.  (However, in all instances, one should consider seeking the opinion of a dermatologist -just to be sure).

Additionally, the book also describes Fordyce’s Spots (and shows with images) in sufficient detail for a positive ID.  It explains methods of ridding one’s self of that skin condition, as well.


Medical Options

The e-book continues with an outline of the medical options available for removal of the papules, as well as the Fordyce Spots.  There are a couple of options explained in detail.

Four Strategies that you can handle on your own

Next the book lays out four different strategies of dealing with the papules removal yourself, in the privacy of your home.  Each procedure is spelled out in easy-to-follow steps with the applicable precautions and limitations, as required.

Because everyone is different, what worked for one guy may not work for another.  With  four methods to work with, most people would find success with one or more.  There have been success stories with each of these methods.

How about the Cons … What’s the downside?

There is not a lot to report of a negative nature, although there is one thing that I initially was disappointed with.   That is …I thought I’d find some kind of ‘secret sauce’ or clever formula.  I was able to get beyond that once I read the whole book and realized how comprehensive and detailed the instructions for the four methods are.

One other possible area of improvement is the sales page.  This writer is not one to suffer a bunch of hyperbole without squirming.  Usually, I flip the channel, so-to-speak.

If I didn’t take the time to muddle through the sales page, I might have missed out on something that ultimately kept me off of the CO2 Laser table.  For that reason, I’m glad to have worked through it.

And, finally, the notion put forth on the sales page that anybone can get rid of the papules in three days is clearly hype.

As noted above, everyone is different.  Maybe someone will notice improvement in three days.  Others might take four.  Or five.

If it takes a week for all your papules to disappear, is it so bad?  Compared to how long you’ve been walking around with them, a few days doesn’t seem like a bad deal to me.

Wrap-up of My Findings

Overall, I am quite impressed at the options and level of detail surrounding the papule removal methods.

There is little doubt that this e-book is the best on the Internet for those convinced they want to rid themselves of the PPP condition.

For someone suffering from the elevated levels of anxiety and self-consciousness that accompanies the skin condition known as Pearly Penile Papules or Fordyce Spots, removal is often a priority.

That being the case, it makes sense to most people to implement the simplest, least invasive treatment procedures first. At the posted price, it is much less expensive than any of the medical removal procedures.

At some level, this turns into a Dignity issue.  Do you want to find yourself in a treatment room with some doctor and his (or, her) assistant reshaping your penis with painful and intimidating power equipment? (Not to mention the recovery and healing period involved).

It may well come to that if you are determined to rid yourself of the condition.  If it was me, I would turn to the methods that some have found to be successful and resort to the medical procedures last.

Here is a Big Tip – Some Perspective for you …

Most who find themselves with the pearly penile papule condition are in their prime years in terms of sexual activity.  Past middle age, the condition is known to diminish for some men.

These years are fleeting and they don’t come back.  If your condition is holding you back from the joy of sexual activity, there is little time to waste.

What Now?

The Pearly Penile Papules Removal e-book has been used by thousands over the past several years to regain their confidence and self-assuredness that they, too, can have a stigma-free love life.  You can read more about it on the official website.


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