Quick Tips to lose weight quickly


انقاص الوزن بسرعة

Many of powerless women are still on the run because of the extra weight and muscle inflexibility, 95 percent of those practicing jogging have a desire to lose more weight and the simple reason is that whenever underweight increased chance of running quickly and easily, requiring lose weight follow the process a good diet and exercise permanently in order to burn more calories and increase muscle mass and thus reducing body fat percentage, and fortunately it is not as difficult as some believe .
-Put a future plan for your food :
Put your plan to your diet at the beginning of your day or even a week Do not take food than you need when you feel hungry, then this will help you to resist the urge to eat junk food or pastries during the break period in your business, for example.
– Sections of mealtimes to five times :
Eat three healthy meals interspersed with two meals are light a day, or eat food every three hours, studies have confirmed that people who ate more than three times a day decreased the body density index have a waist circumference area and their meals contain good amounts of fiber and low in fat, and they abstain from drinking soft drinks .
– Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables :
Make sure to contain half a meal on vegetables and fruit, and must contain half breakfast on fruit, and that half of the components of half-board lunch and dinner of vegetables.


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