Steak and eggs – Ultimate Diet for burning fat!



Warning !

-The content that I propose here is not general public.

-It goes against most of the ideas that you may have.

– I’ll tell you about a radical method is not suitable for everyone.

A method :

  • which helps burn fat and kilos quickly increase your metabolism like never before.
  • which allows to have a body fat percentage ridiculously low.

By applying the tips that follow, weight loss will become a breeze.



The diet based mainly on the consumption of steak and egg!

It was put forward by a former bodybuilder in the 1950s: Vince Gironda. He remained famous for his training methods and special nutrition.

Moreover, he was one of the first to say that 85% of our physical results depend on our nutrition.

Who is Vince Gironda?

Vince Gironda

is the bodybuilder from picture above.

Both say that I am not a fan of this kind of physics, but this guy attracted my attention by his ideas and his career.

Let’s see some things that make it a special man:

  • He considered that the physical was based 85% on nutrition
  • He had a 150 Q.I.
  • He lived 80 years, a sign that his lifestyle was healthy
  • He was firmly opposed to the use of steroids and it is potentially one of the best natural bodybuilder the world has seen
  • It was one of the first to put forward a low carbohydrate diet !

Why eat steak and egg?

To understand, we need to look at the composition of these foods.

The Egg

It is rich in fat and cholesterol

It is full of protein.

The egg is one of the most healthy and whole foods you can find.


The steak (beef)

It is also packed with protein.

It contains nutrients such as creatine.

If the meat is of high quality (grazing livestock), it is a good source of saturated fat.

Basically, these foods are essential in the diet of an athlete strength.

A diet to dry?

Grilled steak, toast, fried egg and vegetables

Grilled steak, toast, fried egg and vegetables

The principle of steak and eggs is simple. This is to make two meals a day with the following foods:

  • 200 g beef
  • 5 eggs

This gives us a total of 170 grams of protein, 0 grams of carbohydrates and 119 grams of fat.
Total calories =1800 calories
Obviously, depending on your metabolism you need more or less calories and thus you can change quantities.
Personally, I consider this way of eating is effective for drying although many practitioners claim to have taken the muscle taking it.
One thing is certain, you will not get fat by following this diet. The lack of carbohydrates will make you go into ketosis and you will probably burn fat like never before.

2 meals a day and nothing else!…


Steak and eggs is two meals a day. And nothing else.
No snacking.
No snacks.
Steak and eggs twice per day.
Do not count your calories. Don’t count your macros.

And the day came cheat …


If you read my guide Top 5 foods to build muscle, you know I am a follower of the cheat day.

Vince Gironda used to make a cheat day every 5 days. This is one day rich in carbohydrates to prevent the metabolism gets used to this diet without carbs and eventually burn less fat.

During the cheat day, also enjoy eating a ton of veggies to fill minerals and micronutrients.



To be continued,Thank you :)




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