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The book TEETH WHITENING 4 YOU  is written by author Lucy Bennett. It goes into details about how to use natural products to get whiter teeth naturally at home. Lucy Bennett was a member of the dental community in the US and has highly researched the subject of teeth whitening. She offers some great insights into natural ways to whiten teeth at home safely and cheaply.


With her dental knowledge, she will give you information about teeth WHITENING PRODUCTS that you need to know about, along with a full breakdown of the best way to whiten teeth. With at home teeth whitening methods, you will be able to have whiter teeth without the cost and risks associated with using chemical products or going to the dentist. After reading this book, you will have a clear plan of action on home remedies to whiten teeth.











Getting whiter teeth naturally

Maybe you have been looking at your teeth in the mirror and you are seeing your teeth become more and more yellow. There are ways to whiten your teeth at home that do not require you to purchase over-the-counter bleaches or visit the dentist and pay large amounts of money for professional services. At home teeth whitening is simple and effective when you know what to do. Bennett lays out how to incorporate the fastest way to whiten teeth into your daily life.

Teeth Whitening 4 You










Why is a natural approach to whiter teeth better?

Homemade teeth whitener comes from products that can be purchased at a grocery store. Many of the methods you will implement for teeth whitening at home will have a lot to do with what you eat and the habits you avoid. The best part is though that when you choose to change your diet and avoid things that are bad for you, overall, your health will benefit.

Not only will you be incorporating a healthy lifestyle, you will also avoid the risks associated with bleaching methods. All bleaching gels and whitening treatments administered by your dentist have possible side effects. You are likely going to experience increased tooth sensitivities while undergoing these treatments, whether self-administered or professional.

When you have tooth sensitivities, you will need to add in a toothpaste that counteracts the sensitivity. These toothpastes do not always work, and you will likely be left dealing with tooth pain. With a natural approach to teeth whitening at home, you won’t put harmful chemicals in your body or subject yourself to pain.

What are the dangers and side effects of commercial bleach products?

Commercial products are full of ingredients that can harm your body. Even if the WHITENING PRODUCTS  are FDA approved, they are still not safe for swallowing. When you read the label of whitening gels and products, it will tell you that if you swallow the product, to seek immediate medical attention.

One can deduct that these ingredients are not safe, if you can’t swallow them without being treated. Even if you are careful and do not swallow the products, they still include ingredients that can burn the inside of your gums and mouth along with causing sensitivity.

While the teeth whitening before and after results are impressive, wouldn’t it be better to use a natural method that is just as effective? Whitening teeth at home requires you to make just a few adjustments to your daily life.

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Following the method in book, how much does it cost to get whiter teeth?

teeth-whitening-4-you-(5)The cost increase that you experience when using the homemade teeth whitening pastes will not be great. You will need to increase the healthy foods that you eat, if you do not currently have fresh fruits and vegetables built into your grocery budget, you are likely going to see a bit of an increase in that area.

However, all of the ingredients necessary for whitening teeth at home, do not cost much. In fact, some of the items, like baking soda, might already be in your kitchen cabinets. The best thing about using natural methods is that many times you already own what is necessary to implement home remedies.

Is it easy to do? What do I need to do it?

teeth-whitening-4-you-(7)Personally, I think that following the methods that are outlined in this book are not that difficult to accomplish. Following the directions in the book to make the whitening pastes and products is very straight forward to do. In fact, some of the methods require very little preparation at all.

You will likely already have the utensils you need to make the SKIN WHITENING paste in your kitchen. Some basic items are usually enough to make the products. Items such as bowls, scissors and spoons are really all you need. Whichever method you choose to do to get whiter teeth it will take that much time to do.

Whether you use chemical bleaching agents, go to the dentist or do it at home naturally you have to carve time out of your day. There are some differences between them though, homemade teeth whitening recipes are usually the easiest to incorporate into your morning and nighttime routines.

How long does it take to get results?

teeth-whitening-4-you-(11)Even the best teeth whitening method can take a few applications, and it is no different with natural remedies. It might be difficult for you to judge the success of these teeth whitening methods, because they happen so gradually. The best thing to do is to take a picture of your teeth prior to starting these methods, or use a tooth enamel color chart.

This way you can see the results and feel confident in practicing teeth whitening at home. In general, you will see a change in the color of your tooth enamel after about a week. Depending on how stained your teeth are, will determine how long it takes to get to the shade you desire.


How long do the results last?

teeth-whitening-4-you-(8)Tooth stains happen for a number of reasons. Some people are genetically predispositioned to have greater staining on their teeth. Other factors that add to the stains have to do with your habits and food choices. If you are a smoker, you are likely going to see the stains begin to return after a few months of no longer using the whitening methods. Those that drink red wine, coffee, and tea will also tend to have the stains return faster. The best idea is to use the teeth whitening methods regularly to keep the stains away.



Whats inside the book?



One of the Teeth Whitening Methods





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