The best way to Naturally whiten your teeth

whiten your teethYour teeth are a signal of health and the one of the first things people notice. at the first impression, having teeth that look like you don’t brush them can send a signal that you don’t really care about your self.

The best way to naturally whiten your teeth is Brush after Drinking or eating, for me is the best way to get fast results, but this not always easiest is to simply brush your teeth, this take a lot of industriousness and can even be kind of difficult depending on where you are the time.

Most foods  and drinks- particularly those high in carbohydrates and sugars spur the creation of some bacteria in your mouth that assault your tooth veneer for no less than twenty minutes after you eat a dinner or something lol 😀

but if you a coffee drinker or if you smoke, you will have discolored teeth, if this is the case the having your teeth cleaned every three month may be in order.

For the best results(whiten your teeth), you should brush you teeth after eating or drinking something.

For people don’t know how to brush teeth or the right cleaning technique , here is video to explain how to brush your teeth? Learn in 4 simple steps!

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