Top 5 Foods To build Muscle

Hello everyone, do you want to build muscle and you don’t know how to eat to gain muscle?

on this post you will know 5 amazing tips to get  the body you want 😀





Fish Oil1-Fish Oil: is very nice for Mass gaining because it increases Testosterone levels and also it contains essential fat acids EFAS.








2-Lean beef: it provides you body with high quality protein, and a high level of Amino Acid.









top 5 foods to build yur muscle


3- Eggs: is very important for bodybuilding because it contain high quality protein and also provide you Vitamin (D).








4-Yogurt: is very awesome if you want gain muscle because it provide you Bacteria that improve you gastrointestinal health.






Brown rice


5-Brown Rice: it can help you boost you growth hormone (GH) levels and also it during workouts and provide you longer lasting energy throughout the day.











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