Two important factors will help you strengthen your muscles

عاملان مهمان يساعداك في تقوية عضلاتك

Many of us enter into the muscle training without knowing the correct methods and that must be followed during the training held, the knowing that we will talk about small things, but they are very important and sometimes very affect the effectiveness of the training, and therefore do not feel tired a lot during the training process.

Way to drink water:
You have to drink water at random during training should not be, but you can drink water after each training group and in the rest time , do not rush to drink quite a lot where you do not get pain in the stomach, but you put what is sufficient water in the mouth and then try swallowing it slowly, The water should be lukewarm.

Rest & Overtraining:

Rest time between each train you can also take advantage of it, not to be negative or to sit on the bench, so their mouth after training every muscle in the rest period to relieve the muscle working, and the best way for this is to lengthen the muscle working, which makes you feel highly comfortable.


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