Workout to Build Muscle – 5 Ways to Puff to Make Them Buffed

Workout to Build Muscle - 5 Ways to Puff to Make Them BuffedFinding the ideal workout to build muscle is not difficult, there are several programs that you can choose from in order for you to get the kind of body shape that you want.

Before you go ahead and start on the one that you have selected for yourself, keep in mind that these programs will not be as effective as they are meant to be without the proper diet and a clean lifestyle. Having said that, take a look at these four easy steps so that you will be on your way to building your muscles the right way.

Step 1: Get your heart pumping beforehand

A lot of people think that in order for them to build their muscles, all they have to do is lift weights and their skinny body problems are solved. Lifting weights are great for getting those brick-like arms and perfectly toned abs, however, for faster results, it is important that you kick off your weight lifting exercise with a sold cardiovascular program like running or inclined walking. This will not only maximize the results of the weight lifting, it will also speed up your metabolism and help you cut back on the fats faster.

Step 2: Get heavy with the weights

In building your muscles, what you should be after is to make your muscles bigger by subjecting them to stress which is effectively done by the application of weights and other heavy exercises. Progressive repetition, meaning continually increasing the number of reps that you’re doing with the weights, will ensure that your muscles get bigger every time you hit the gym. When you get home, allow your muscles to heal, get plenty of rest and eat the right kinds of food and you should be seeing results in a matter of weeks.

Step 3: Stay away from the press

There are many gym addicts out there who will probably recommend that you do bench presses so that you get those muscles growing quickly. While this may be true, it helps for you to know that this kind of exercise actually endangers your shoulders and can lead to serious injuries. There are many other kinds of exercises that you can use as part of your workout to build muscle, forego the bench press to avoid getting into serious trouble.

Step 4: Keep it compound, not simple

Ask anyone who has been in the business of building muscles for years and they will tell you that the most ideal kind of muscle building exercises are those that are free weight, compound, and multi-joint. Examples of these movements are rows, chin ups, overhead presses, dips, squats and dead lifts. Above all, keep away from the kind of workout that uses a machine or make you use just one set of muscles to execute.

Step 5: Keep adding, not subtracting

Apart from those exercises mentioned earlier, other kinds that you can add to your workout to build muscle are glute ham raises, lunges and step ups. Beginners may include these movements into your squat exercises which should at least be done three times each week for optimum results. Follow these pointers religiously and you should be on your way to getting a bigger and more attractive body build.

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